Jul 23, 2019
So We will be adding a bunch of things to my store this month! Look out for new and big things! keep reading
Jun 02, 2017
Hey guys! We are back to things and are slowly adding more and more the store! The manga section will be updated soon as well and the next thing to do after that is tutorials! keep reading
Sep 26, 2016
Hey everyone lots of things have been going on! Volume 6 of Double Blackness is getting closer to being finished as well as the Calendar is now available in my store! They are being completed now and will be ready to ship out in December before the Christmas rush. More pages of Terry and Terrence...keep reading
Feb 08, 2016
So since volume 5 is done I decided to do all of the drawing of Volume 6 live! Be sure to check in from time to time so you can see me working on it live on twitch tv here's the link! keep reading
Jun 09, 2015
Hey all! Just wanted to check in with everyone! Sorry I've been a bit M.I.A I just moved into a new place and things have been a bit chaotic! Good news however, Volume 5 is now available for pre-ordering in the store! It will be 100% finished and sent to the printer next week (only bonus pages an...keep reading
Jan 20, 2015
Terry and Terence or Double Blackness will now be uploaded every Monday! Prepare for more madness on the time travelling dog front and the antics of crazy arcade kids. Also Double Blackness pages will be uploaded 3 volumes behind to be read on here in the manga section, so while I'm working o...keep reading
Aug 06, 2014
Oh boy has summer been busy but I'm going to be back on manga stuff full time starting next week. Terry and Terence will be back to being updated 2 twice a week and I'll be starting Double Blackness volume 5! I'll be trying to keep everyone informed with things on my YouTube channel =D keep reading
Jun 09, 2014
Hey buddies! Just letting everyone know they can read all of Double Blackness volume 1 on the site now! I probably won't be uploading much more then that for Double Blackness minus previews but its here and its for your reading pleasure! Volume 1 is still also on sale if you want it in print as w...keep reading
Jun 05, 2014
Volume 4 of Double Blackness is now finished as well as you can now read the first chapter of Double Blackness here on my website as well as on deviant art.keep reading
May 05, 2014
Hey! This is my first real blog on this site LOL it's been a few months but I finally have a bit of time to explain what's going on! First order of business... Let's see... Oh! -smacks hand on fist- The new volume of Double Blackness is coming out pretty soon! At the end of this month to be e...keep reading